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In todays modern world, women can wear nearly any kind of clothing they desire. However,
when a lady decides to wear a lingerie, she has many different styles to choose from. A selection of dresses in ones closet makes it easy to feel at home, no matter what the occasion.

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From a little black dress for dinner out on a date to a simple shift dress for antiques shopping with friends, the options are endless. Some women think they cannot wear dresses because of a perceived flaw.

There are so many styles; however, that everyone can find something that suits them.

As described by the Clothing and Fashion Encyclopedia, the evening dress is the prevailing style prescribed by fashion to wear in the evening. It is a long, flowing dress specific to semi-formal or formal evening functions.


Naomi Campbell for agent provocateur

Although often worn by members of a bridal party, a guest should only wear a formal gown at an evening wedding. Other times when an evening gown is necessary include state dinners, gala fundraisers, proms, and award ceremonies.

These formal dresses are usually made of luxurious fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, or satin and possibly embroidered with beads or jewels. The evening gown has its roots in the 15th century with the rise of the Burgundian Court, when women began adding trains to their kirtle for formal occasions.

Naomi Campbell for agent provocateur

During the 1930s, while hemlines were rising for everyday wear, evening gowns continued to be full length. Today, women may choose from a huge variety of evening wear styles, but there is something amazing about the ultra-feminine look of a traditional evening gown. One can choose out from such kinds of evening dresses: cocktail, plus size zipper dress, separate and prom dresses are four main types that are designed to wear for special occasions.

Naomi Campbell for agent provocateur

There are also several dress styles to choose from, for example famous little black dress, maxi dress, mini dress, A-line dress, Tea-length dress, shift dress shirtwaist dress and wrap dress. How to choose a suitable plus size zipper dress for any occasion you can read in our following posts.

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